Merger with Martello


GBRW Expert Witness merger with Martello

Over the past year, we have been discussing how best to position GBRW Expert Witness (GBRWEW) to reflect changes in the expert witness market and to ensure that we can continue to develop the practice areas which we have built up since 2010.

As a result of those discussions, I am very pleased to announce that we have agreed to combine GBRWEW’s expert practice with that of Martello Expert Services. Martello was founded in 2019 by James Garvey and Richard Moore as part of Blackrock Expert Services (now Kroll). In 2020, they led a management buy-out to ensure the company remained independent.

Martello’s and GBRWEW’s businesses are highly complementary, and the combined group has a track record of over 850 engagements and a database of over 500 experts in banking and finance, capital markets, insurance, energy, trade finance and commodity trading. We also share a similar business model with Martello, with a small number of important differences:

  • At Martello, experts have access to an experienced support team in the form of case managers and analysts, who are dedicated to assisting experts through the process. This support team ensures that the expert is able to focus on the areas where their in-depth experience is key. For less experienced experts, this support can also be invaluable in navigating the process of providing expert witness work.
  • Expert reports are issued on a Martello letterhead and provided with full quality control. This approach reflects a requirement we have heard increasingly from law firms for “wrap around” support of this kind.
  • The merger will involve GBRWEW becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Martello Financial Services Holdings Limited. Existing GBRWEW contracts will continue as before, whilst new engagements will be contracted through Martello. The GBRWEW management team is strongly supportive of this development and we will continue to be involved as Senior Advisors to Martello during the transition period following the acquisition.

    Contact details for the individual members of our management team are shown below. Our existing GBRWEW email addresses will continue for the next few months, but you are welcome to use our new Martello ones.

    Following the merger, Jeremy Denton-Clark is stepping back from involvement in our expert practice, though he will continue to be active in our affiliate GBRW Consulting. I would like to thank Jeremy for all his support as a colleague and a friend over the past 25 years, during which he has been a key player in both our businesses.

    We believe strongly that this merger will provide additional opportunities over the coming years, and are excited for this next phase of GBRWEW’s business. For more information on the enlarged Martello group, please click here.

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Paul Rex

Managing Director, GBRW Expert Witness

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