The Right Expert

Law firms looking for expert witnesses or advisers face a number of challenges:

  • How to identify the right expert in a specialised discipline
  • How to avoid individual experts “shoe-horning” themselves into inappropriate roles 
  • How to develop a short list on a discreet basis
  • How to assess strengths and weaknesses and track records


Our experience –as experts ourselves and from working with our associates over an extended period – normally enables us to propose candidates whom we consider the best equipped to address specific issues. Our consulting activities also mean that we can identify potential candidates who will not appear in the usual expert directories and websites.

We spend a lot of time working to develop “new” financial sector experts. Where individuals have had little or no prior experience in this role, we assist where necessary with research and presentation issues and review their draft and final reports. Our own experience also enables us to help prepare experts for cross-examination.