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September 2016


Interesting times!

For those of us involved in the financial sector, the last few months have provided plenty to consider, notably the Panama Papers disclosures in April and the Brexit decision two months later.

The Panama Papers are said to contain references to 12 current or former world leaders, more than a hundred other public officials and politicians and several hundred individuals around the world. The intensive media coverage and speculation over criminal and civil actions following the disclosures has now died down, but the volume of documents disclosed and the magnitude of the amounts involved make it likely that we will see litigation over a wide range of issues and jurisdictions.

The announcement of the Brexit decision on the morning of June 24th led to major falls in currency and stock markets, some of which have now recovered whilst others have not. Movements of this magnitude always have the potential to trigger unexpected losses, for example through embedded derivatives contracts or through a range of other unanticipated consequences, and we have already seen our first requests for experts to address Brexit- related losses.

While it is difficult to predict what kinds of expert support will be required for disputes arising from these two events, we believe that the breadth and depth of our expert resources position us well to support law firms helping their clients deal with the fallout.

Paul Rex

Managing Director,

GBRW Expert Witness
September 2016


David Ellis joins GBRW Expert Witness

David Ellis

As we announced last month, Dr David Ellis has joined GBRW Expert Witness in London as a Director.

David was previously a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting. He is an expert in financial services and institutions, specialising in quantitative products and complex securities, and has appeared as an expert witness in Court proceedings and Arbitrations in the English and Irish High Courts and in numerous other jurisdictions in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.


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