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November 2023


This quarter’s edition of Expertise covers two areas which generate a steady flow of engagements for experts in the financial and insurance sectors.

In the autumn of 2016, Steven Friel of Woodsford Group Ltd wrote an article for us titled: “Third party litigation funding: a game changer”. Seven years on, this claim can be seen to have been fully justified and Steven and his colleague Muhammad Arayne provide an update on the growth of litigation funding as an asset class and the ways in which funders are diversifying into related areas.

These developments have gone hand in hand with new legislation in many jurisdictions governing the rights of injured parties to bring class actions, which are often candidates for litigation funding. A number of court decisions this year have had a direct bearing on both class actions and the ways in which they are funded - further developments can be expected as collective redress and ESG-related actions continue to gain momentum.

Insurance-related disputes form a core part of GBRW Expert Witness’s engagements. As foreshadowed in last quarter’s edition, we carry an article by my fellow director Tim Dowlen and experienced insurance expert Grahame Pipe discussing how to proceed when an insurance claim is declined by the insurer. We regularly see situations where a claim has been brought against the wrong target or where parties which should have been joined have been missed, often when litigation is fairly advanced. The good news is that an early discussion with a suitable insurance expert does not have to be an expensive exercise - we are always happy to discuss how this can be arranged and what costs may be involved.


Paul Rex Paul Rex

Managing Director,

GBRW Expert Witness
November 2023

Our pool of experts in banking, insurance, investments, trade finance and commodity trading equips us to deal with disputes arising across most of the financial spectrum. We continue to add to our team and welcome enquiries related to the areas mentioned above.


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