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November 2019


In this edition of Expertise, we have articles commenting on two major potential dispute areas, one extensively publicised and the other much less so.

  • In our August issue, Mike Trippitt discussed open-end investment funds and the liquidity issues raised by the well-publicised Woodford Equity Income Fund problems. Staying with this subject, John Wylde discusses the insurance issues which will be relevant to a number of the parties involved in distribution and administration of the different Woodford funds.
  • We also carry an article by Aysha Suzuki of Financial Markets Consulting & Resourcing, a specialised financial markets practice with whom GBRW Expert Witness has worked very successfully to identify experts in specialised areas, including the Libyan Investment Authority/Goldman Sachs litigation and recent EURIBOR prosecutions. Over the past couple of years, various European tax authorities have been investigating so-called “Cum-Ex Trading”, where multiple tax claims have been submitted for a dividend which has only been paid once. The impact of this alleged tax trading scheme has been estimated at €55bn and is said to extend to Germany, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Switzerland.

GBRW Learning – financial sector training

You may be aware that our sister company GBRW Learning provides training courses on a wide range of financial sector issues, including risk management, financial markets, lending and credit (across a number of specialised areas), commodity trading and trade finance, corporate governance and retail banking. While the majority of our clients are banks and bank training institutes, we also work with a number of government ministries and agencies. Details of our courses can be found at

Programmes can be adapted to meet a client’s specific requirements and we would welcome enquiries from any law firms who are interested in discussing any aspects of training for their financial sector practices.

Paul Rex

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GBRW Expert Witness
November 2019


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