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February 2021


It’s a strange experience looking back on our previous two newsletters (August and November last year), since it really brings home the pandemic rollercoaster which we have experienced, both in the UK and in the other countries where we operate. As I write this, we are seeing a number of positive factors – falling infection rates, the first signs of Spring in the Northern hemisphere and, above all, the increasing pace of rollout of a number of effective vaccines. Our next edition in three months time will hopefully have further good news to report.

Despite these developments, business and personal travel is likely to remain constrained for several months yet. Our previous newsletter in November shared two sets of experiences of remote cross-examination, part of the “new normal” which an increasing number of experts are experiencing.

Our expert associate Karl Roberts had the opposite experience. As an engineer specialising in electro mechanical processing machines, a category which includes many types of banknote and coin handling devices used by banks, he was required to be physically present to give evidence at an Arbitration in Hong Kong towards the end of last year. Karl gives an account of the processes involved in his participation in the Arbitration, including travelling to and returning from his time in Hong Kong.

The process of putting in place alternatives to replace Libor continues to make progress following Andrew Bailey’s announcement in 2017 that banks would no longer be required to make submissions to the Libor fixings. My fellow director Dr David Ellis comments on the current state of play in the run up to 31st December this year, when Libor will cease to be published.

On a lighter note, many of you will have seen the recent experience of the lawyer in Texas whose experience with a Zoom filter quickly went viral. For anyone who missed this, or would just like to see it again, please take a look at “I’m not a cat”.


Paul Rex

Managing Director,

GBRW Expert Witness
February 2021


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