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February 2019


There may be troubles ahead...

Whatever one’s views on Brexit, it is widely agreed that there may be considerable disruption if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on March 29th without having signed the long-discussed Withdrawal Agreement.

Just a few of the areas which have been discussed in relation to the financial sector are regulatory approvals; clearing and settlements; intra-EU insurance contracts; cross-border trades in a wide range of commodities and financial instruments; and the status of EU employees in the event of “no-deal”.

While it is still not possible to predict what will happen at the end of next month, past experience shows not only that major disruptions tend to lead to contractual and non-contractual disputes, but also that these may arise in unexpected areas as a result of unforeseen indirect effects.

Applying Gramsci’s maxim “Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will” (or more prosaically, “hope for the best but plan for the worst”), we would like to remind our readers of GBRW Expert Witness’s wide range of experts in the banking, investment and insurance fields listed to the right. In particular, we would highlight our increasing number of experts in the field of trade and trade finance, including commodity trading, financing, insurance and shipping.

We welcome any approaches and are always happy to have an initial discussion on a non-billable basis. We also recognise that some disputes may require expert advice urgently and will always try to propose experts who are well matched to the client’s requirements as rapidly as possible.

Paul Rex

Managing Director,

GBRW Expert Witness
February 2019


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